Mormon Church Sex Abuse In Arizona Is Still A Problem In The United States

Arizona Child Sex Abuse Case – Mormon Church Rocked with Scandal

As if clergy’s sexually abusing children of their parishioners was not enough, going by recent reports it seems that even the immediate family members of the religious leaders are into child molestation. Yes, the case being discussed here is of Mormon Church County Supervisor Brock and his wife and daughter Susan and Rachel. What is more saddening in this child sex abuse case is the fact that the bishops of the Mormon Church knew back in 2009 that Susan Brock was sexually abusing a boy.

As a matter of fact, the sexual abuse victim’s parents approached the Bishops and told them about the situation. However, the Bishops, instead of filing a complaint with the local authorities, turned a deaf ear towards the child sexual abuse. As a result, the boy was sexually abused by Susan Brock for a year more. The parents ideally should have approached a child sex abuse attorney.

Not receiving any response from the bishops, the child sex abuse victim’s father approached the local authorities and filed a formal complaint against the accused. Only then the legal proceedings started. Susan Brock now is behind bars and will be staying there for 13 or more years. Her daughter, who also was accused of child sexual abuse, has been absolved. The bishops, who knew of the deeds of Susan Brock, were pardoned.

However, a question remains to be answered. Under the state law, clergy’s are bound to report any child sex abuse cases to the local authorities. Why was the rule not followed in this case? The Mormon Church should be tried in civil court since the bishops failed to follow a simple rule. They are not holy people and certainly did not perform their civic duty.  

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